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2011 three exam Chinese manufacturing and economic globalization

1 (36)reading materials ,answer the questions. In 2009 November,the Chinese Ministry of Commerce integration of four industry associations in the United States limited television news channel launched on &quot ;China &quot ;advertising ,the ads to &quot ;made in China ,cooperation in world &quot ;as the theme ,in the social causes heat to discuss.
Running in the the dawn like before, his running shoes is a fusion of American science and technology of China manufacturing ;&quot ;&quot ;model body gorgeous costumes ,by Li Guo designer &quot &quot ;China ;manufacturing ;flying in the blue sky and white clouds shuttle between the large passenger aircraft ,more global cooperation under the &quot &quot ;made in china ;.
.. ... In this ad ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,each time &quot ;MADE IN CHINA&quot ;below ,by &quot ;WITH&quot ;with a group of English vocabulary ,such as sports shoes &quot ;MADE IN CHINA&quot ;WITH AMERI ,but &quot ;SPORTS TECHNOLOGY CAN ( with American Sports Technology ) ;&quot ;Fashion foreign youth held MP3&quot ;MADE IN CHINA&quot ;WITH SOFTWARE ,but &quot ;FROM SILICON VALLEY ( &quot software from the Silicon Valley ) ;.
.. ... ( 1)from the economy point of view of &quot ;made in China ,cooperation in world &quot ;advertising theme illustrates what ?( 2)reference answer :the further development of economic globalization ,make each country economy increasingly close ties.
( 2)( 2)advertising is a French design technology ,Silicon Valley words, also prompt us to &quot &quot ;made in China ;,also need to upgrade. Please use economic life knowledge to promote China manufacturing &quot ;&quot ;give advice and suggestions .
( 9)the reference answer :state through fiscal and tax policies to encourage ,support enterprises in independent innovation ,speeding up the transformation of economic development mode .( 3)the enterprise improve the ability of independent innovation, attention to product quality ,establish brand consciousness ,improve corporate reputation ,and shaping corporate image .
( 4)workers and to improve the scientific and cultural quality .( 2)in a number of western mainstream media show &quot ;China &quot ;style ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,this is the Chinese play smart power &quot &quot ;;an attempt by &quot .
&quot ;strength ;with wisdom and skills ,the use of various means ,to effectively show and expand its own strength ( strength ) and influence ( soft to buy ) ability. &quot ;smart power &quot ;the first is the integration of attention .
It is not only a kind of stack Plus ,it is &quot ;1+1>2"effect. Secondly is coordinated ,in different areas coordinated use of their power, not only the strength of confined in a field.
Three is flexible ,using his strength has high flexibility ,can let the human accept yourself in influence character by environment ,reduce development of resistance and obstacle .(3 )please use the contact point of view analysis of &quot ;smart power &quot ;connotation.
( 8)the reference answer :things that are linked and between the various elements of things between the mutual influence, relation that restricts each other ,smart power hard power and soft power of organic integration ,hold the inherent links between things ,and establish new contacts.
( 4)the smart power hard power and soft power together constitute the system ,focusing on the entirety ,Adidas Wings the foot wrap fold,follow the internal structure of the system order, pay attention to the system of optimizing the internal structure of the trend ,the overall function is greater than the local function and.
( 4 points)) foreign media generally believe that this advertisement is &quot ;Ministry of Commerce buy advertising time on the international mainstream media ,&quot ;according to this view, China Advertising Association of Commerce responsible person said ,advertising is not the Ministry of Commerce on ,From the obedient son to Yuhong boss Liu Xingwang's multi-faceted life,but in the support of the Ministry of Commerce and Under the guidance of ,by the China Chamber of Commerce for import & export ,China Light Industry Import and Export Chamber of Commerce ,China Textile Import and export chambers of Commerce and other four chambers produced.
(4 )ask you to combine political life knowledge about the evaluation of the Ministry of Commerce of this approach. ( 9)the reference answer :Ministry of Commerce as the state administrative organs, under the condition of socialist market economy ,undertake to economic construction to provide public service functions ,,to promote social and economic development.
( 3)the Ministry of commerce support and guide the four chamber of commerce production and advertising, is it carry out the functions of government performance. ( 2)the Ministry of Commerce of this approach is the administrative performance ,reflected the functions of the government is limited.
( 4 points)2,the United States President Obama announced in September 11, 2009, imported from China all car and light truck tires imposed a period of three years of punitive tariffs ,in 4% original tariff based on ,in the next three years were to levy 35%, 30%and 25% additional tariffs on Chinese business .
Then on the United States to take a serious trade protectionism has expressed strong dissatisfaction and stern opposition .Following the tires ,10 month,the United States Steel Company in China for imported steel collection 60%Or more anti-dumping duties as well as 15% to 30% of thecountervailing duties.
China Ministry of Commerce responsible person said ,the United States caused the current iron and steel industry difficulty is the root cause of the financial crisis led to the consumption ability and the dramatic decline in demand ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,the United States of America frequently on Chinese imports of iron and steel products launched trade remedy investigations ,these difficulties attributed to imported products ,imported products from China blind accused of dumping or subsidies ,the lack of factual basis ,China is firmly opposed to it.
( 1)combined with the economic life knowledge ,you talk about the practice awareness .The reference answer :the behavior of the United States ,contrary to fact ,violate WTO rules ,is a serious act of trade protectionism the trade remedy measures ,the abuse ,not only damage China-US economic and trade relations ,the United States will damage their interests, in the current world economic crisis in the context of a bad precedent .
( 2)the use of political life knowledge ,shows that the Chinese government firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the domestic industry . On the basis of the reference answer :our country the main content includes :the interests of security interests ,political interests ,economic interests .
In China is a socialist country people to be in power ,the interests of the state and the people The people are aligned. Safeguarding China national interest is to safeguard the fundamental interests of the people ,with justice and legitimacy.
(3 )the our country in order to preserve their own interests at the same time ,other countries with respect to the reasonable interests of the country, and safeguarding the interests of people of all countries .
3,table a :China degree of dependence on foreign trade changes year total volume of import and export trade of foreign trade dependence degree ( % ) in 1978 9.71998year$20640000000 $323950000000$256160000000031.
82008years69 note: the foreign trade degree of dependency = total trade / gross domestic product material :in the Ministry of Commerce in December 24, 2009 held a nationalwork conference on commerce ,Minister of Commerce Chen Deming expected ,in 2009 China Import and export amounted to close to $2200000000000 ,by around 16%.
China may take 2 to 3 years,or even longer to return to 2008 levelsby two .Materials :international financial crisis influence ,some countries introduced the trade protection policy . In February 1, 2009 ,the Council of the European Union to declare the Chinese fastener enterprises levy 77% ~ 85% punitive tariffs ,for a period of 5 years .
In September 11th ,the United States President Obama decided ,on tire imports from China imposed a three punitive tariffs ,According to preliminary estimates ,it will affect about 100000 of workers are employed ,loss of about $1000000000 in exportsto China .
In October 7th, the United States announced production of Seamless Steel Tube anti-dumping ,countervailing investigate the merger .The degree of dependence on foreign trade of China will be faced with higher protectionist policies pose the greatest threat to national ,to safeguard their national interests and economic security ,jointly cope with the international financial crisis ,China will take action to oppose trade protectionism.
( 1)form a material with a reflecting what economic phenomenon ?Two what is the connection between ?( 6)reference answer : a reflection of the thirty years of reform and opening up ,China foreign trade dependence degree rise quickly in China ,opening degree of trade increased significantly ,and the world economy increasingly close ties .
( 2)material reflects in 2009 China trade volume dropped significantly ,the development of foreign trade .( 2)the relationship between the two :as a result of our country deepen ,Adidas Porsche Design,leading to the international financial crisis in the world impact on China is more obvious ,the total import and export and growth with the external demand slowed sharply dropped significantly .
( 2)( 2)the combination of materials, use of international social knowledge, the opposition of China Trade protectionism reason ( 6)reference answer : the national interest is the national foreign policy decision factors ,trade protectionism is not conducive to China ,damage to the national interest of China ,we should take the effective action to oppose trade protectionism.
( 2)the trade protectionism violates relevant international method of non discrimination principle ,the principle of equality and mutual benefit ,hinder the development of international trade ,is not conducive to reduce the international disputes and clear international responsibility.
( 2)the peace and development are the themes of the present era ,trade protectionism has made the prospects of developing foreign trade condition worsens ,suffer economic losses ,not conducive to the development of the world ( 2).
( other it stands to reason. Correct analysis, may in his discretion to ) (3 )the combination of materials, use of dialectical materialism epistemological principle ,some countries introduced a protectionist policy assessment.
( ) reference answer :practice is the base of knowledge .All knowledge comes from practice. Some countries trade protection policy making from their actual benefit and the practice of international trade .
( 3)the awareness of the practice is counterproductive, wrong understanding in practice will be hindered. Some of the country trade protection main Justice policy to the development of the global economy threatens to reflect this point .
( 3)the practice is recognized as correct only two standard .Historical experience proves ,the trade protectionism in the short term will have some effect, but from long-term will damage the healthy development of international trade ( 2 points.
) ( 4)apply economic life knowledge ,in the background of economic globalization China should how to deal with trade protectionism ?( 12 points)) reference answer :active play the role of macro-control ,promote upgrading of the industrial structure, improve product technology level, Dad, enhance the product competitiveness in the international market .
( 3divided) II actively integrate into the economic globalization, regional economic integration form of cooperation ,strive to break the regional trade barriers ,to create a good international trade environment .
( 3)the positive study of international trade knowledge ,master of international trade rules by using effective multilateral trade rules and resist trade protectionism behaviors ( 3 points) .
To stand on one ,equality and mutual benefit of the principle of expanding domestic demand ,foreign trade ,and actively explore the domestic market ,rural market ,at the same time, expand further open to the outside world .

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